Dec 11

"stop talking to me"

I’m a traitor to your heart,

I’m the ringing in your ears,

I’m the crosses in your eyes,

I’m water in your lungs,

The aching in your limbs,

The burning on your skin

I’m everything you hoped I would(n’t) be and so much more.


Just a clip we recorded in my bedroom. Its pretty rough but quite exciting. Listen carefully and check out www.myspace.com/weallstareatthemoon


Nov 27


Good evening ladies and gentlemen,

For some time I have been very pre-occupied with various things - studying, travelling, working and most importantly, music.

I have started playing guitar in a band called We All Stare At The Moon, we’ve only got a rough demo up on a myspace page but hopefully we’ll be able to record more in the very near future. I’m really happy with how things are going with it at the moment


Please check it out, as us as a friend and let us know what you think of the demo, everything is appreciated!

So onto more important business: I’ve decided that don’t sleep doesn’t need to be a product of my own imagination and my own ideas, i realised that if i could get some people to contribute then i could make a really good selection of songs and maybe put it out on a label or alternatively, self release it and just get the music out there.

I’m going to try and update this a hell of a lot more and hopefully do something a lot more productive than i have been on the music front in the very near future. I need to be part of it.

Keep listening and keep watching.


Jun 18

bring on the romance.

i haven’t updated this in ages so i thought i’d give an update,

i’ve started working full time and haven’t had much time to try and make music but now that i’ve settled in and i’ve seen all the faces i’ve needed to see now i’m back home i can get started again. i feel like i started to build up momentum and talking to loads of great people and it just kinda ground to a halt, hopefully i can turn it round, i’ve got loads of new ideas that i want to record as the weeks turn over and i’m really happy with the majority.

i also really want to try singing on some of them but i think i’ll test the water with that before unveiling anything for general consumption, i think i might even get some singing lessons in the near future.

only 22 days until i leave to drive from my house to spain and back, two weeks in europe with my best friends, i can’t think of a better way to spend my summer.

please check out my myspace page and keep listening to the songs and telling all your friends, i’m going to make more of an effort to get in touch with people and get this back on the road. i miss playing shows


May 18


I recently found out about a long running case in america involving three teenage friends from west memphis and how they were wrongfully accused of the murder of three young boys.

following this i decided to read a book by one of these three guys who happens to be spending his days on death row. its called ‘almost home’ by damien echols and i highly recommend it. i wanted to write to him but i couldn’t think of anything that hasn’t been said to him a million times so i decided to write a song, i originally wrote these lyrics for ‘demo 1’ on my myspace page but i have never got round to recording them/getting someone to sing on them so for now here they are:


Do you still remember days when your sky was blue?

The birds still sing, beyond that grey ceiling above you,

When you close your eyes can you still hear those sounds?

Your justice will be done before you’re underground,

You’ve been punished by that southern state,

Waiting for a day, that’ll be forever too late,

Hold on tight, through every day and every night,

Soon my friend, everything will be alright.

So rest your head, on that pillow tonight,

Yeah, soon my friend, everything will be alright.

Soon my friend, they’ll see the light.

Have you ever thought of taking your life?

I can only hope it’s never crossed your mind,

 And every time you look outside,

It opens up your eyes, to some stimulus that keeps you alive.

Please take some time out of your day to check out the link below and read about it, all you have to do is type ‘west memphis three’ into google and you can find loads of information about it.